LOCALE: Your Guide to the Capital

We get it. Austin is cooler than your town.

Just about everybody else in the world gets it too, which is why 158 people move to the Texas capital EVERY DAY.

Go ahead, say it with us: 158 new people per day.

All those people are going to need something to do. They’re going to want to know where to find the food truck that sells the best pad thai tacos. Or where best can they get their pet groomed.

Or where to find that live music act. Or craft brewery. Or where to live.

Insiders know Austin is more than a hip, Southern city, but rather a collection of funky, vibrant neighborhoods, each with their own fingerprint. The neighborhood experts at Schmitz & Smith Group are about as insider as you can get.

LOCALE AUSTIN, Schmitz & Smith’s quarterly publication gives you an insider’s guide to Texas’ hottest city. Sign up for your FREE subscription today so that you don’t miss a thing inside your favorite neighborhood.

“We hope this magazine opens up a dialogue between our group and those considering a move to Austin,” said Shannon T. Schmitz. “In fact, we’ve given an open invitation for anyone planning a trip to Austin to give us a call. There’s nothing more rewarding than helping people find that Austin niche neighborhood that fits them best.”