Bryker Woods

Hi, this is Shannon Schmitz with The Austin Street Beat. Thanks for joining me today as we explore the Austin neighborhood of Bryker Woods.

Developed between the 1930s and 1950s, Bryker Woods began as a collection of wooden cottages, most of them 3 bedrooms or less. Today, the tree-lined streets feature many of those same cottages mixed in with multi-story homes.

Bryker Woods is bordered by Mopac Expy to the West, West 35th Street to the North, Shoal Creek to the East, and Westover Road and Harris Blvd to the south. It is a predominantly single family neighborhood with its own Elementary School. It is convenient to retail, educational, recreational and medical facilities, yet maintains its secluded feel despite the major growth of retail along Jefferson and 35th Streets. Bryker Woods is a walking and bicycling neighborhood. It is conveniently located within the City and has direct bus routes connecting the neighborhood with the University and downtown district.

The neighborhood has many desirable features, such as beautiful, established treespark greenbelt access, convenient location, well-built homes, and a strong sense of community spirit.

The urban environment is also important to Bryker Woods neighborhood. The retail and restaurant establishments along the 35th Street corridor are within walking distance. There is a sort of residential scale in the neighborhood which creates an ambiance mentioned repeatedly by residents as one of the things they like best about the neighborhood. This is produced by the mix of housing ages and styles, most of them modest in size and scale, with lot sizes and setbacks large enough to provide for reasonable privacy but small enough to permit and encourage interaction among residents.

The neighborhood has traditionally enjoyed its proximity to the University of Texas, the Capitol Complex, and downtown. These are centers of employment, education, entertainment and public activity within the City. Its central location makes it equally accessible to north and south Austin.

As part of Austin’s central residential core, Bryker Woods is a major asset to the City of Austin and its central city neighborhoods. It is a resource for home ownership and quality of life for a variety of lifestyles, including school age families

Thank you for being with me today. If you have questions about Bryker Woods or any other Austin neighborhood, give me a call! For Austin Street Beat, brought to you by Schmitz & Smith, this is Shannon Schmitz.